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Numerical and scientific software

The following are some numerical, scientific and utility codes that I am in the process of making available:

Numerical/Scientific codes:

  1. Gaussian quadrature rules for classical orthogonal polynomials
  2. Noninteracting fermions in the canonical ensemble
  3. Eigenfunctions of 1-d Schrödinger equation
  4. Young's natural representation of the symmetric group
  5. Polynomial fitting
  6. Fermion diagonalization in the m-scheme

Other useful codes:

  1. Options processing for Fortran
  2. Emacs script for trivial input of greek & mathematical symbols
  3. Using unicode symbols (greek letters, etc.) in source code
  4. Miscellaneous Fortran routines

Several of the above codes require LAPACK to be installed. Most are written in modern Fortran and may be compiled with the excellent gfortran (version 4.6 or greater) or Intel Fortran compilers. (Other compilers should work but have not been tested.)

Most of the source code available through this website is licensed under the MIT license, meaning modification and redistribution for any purpose is permitted so long as the copyright, license and disclaimer information is retained. Please see the individual source files for more info.


Chris N. Gilbreth This is the personal website of Christopher N. Gilbreth. I study quantum many-body systems, particularly cold Fermi gases and atomic nuclei, with an emphasis on computational methods.

Preprints for most of my papers are available here: https://arxiv.org/a/gilbreth_c_1.html


You can reach me by sending an email to the unique address of the form X.Y@gmail.com, where X=christopher, Y=gilbreth.

Bug reports and other helpful comments are appreciated.