Gaussian quadrature for classical orthogonal polynomials

gaussquad is a Fortran 90 module for the calculation of Gaussian quadrature rules.

An \( n \)-point quadrature rule is a set of \( n \) abscissas \(x_i\) and weights \(w_i \ge 0\) which can be used to approximate integrals according to the prescription \[ \int_a^b W(x) f(x) d x \approx \sum_{i=1}^n w_i \, f(x_i) \,, \] where \( W(x) \) is a positive semidefinite weight function. A Gaussian quadrature rule specifies \( x_i \) and \( w_i \) such that the above approximation is exact when \( f(x) \) is a polynomial of degree \( \leq 2n-1 \).

gaussquad is a simple library for calculating such quadrature rules for weight functions \( W(x) \) corresponding to classical orthogonal polynomials. It currently includes Legendre \( (W(x) = 1) \), Hermite \( (W(x) = e^{-x^2}) \) and Associated Laguerre \( (W(x) = x^{\alpha} e^{-x}) \) weight functions. More such weight functions can be very easily added: all you need to know is the three-term recurrence relation for the corresponding polynomials and the quantity \( \int_a^bW(x) dx \).


Version 1.0: gaussquad.f90
Example program: testquad.f90
Example output: testquad.ref


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